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DescriptionTry love tests with Love Calculator Pro ! Love Calculator Pro is a serious love test and match maker tool. Based on various personality tests Love Calculator Pro performs a compatibility test of two people.

It combines relationship tests from different areas such as age, biorhythms, astrology, and numerology. It can analyze and rate your relationship within few seconds.

This Love Calculator's love tests includes more than just a general compatibility test. Best love test allows to find your best match in a group of people.

Love Calculator Pro also calculates Timeline, short-term compatibility of a couple. It can predict baby's sex for a couple by generating baby charts of three kinds of baby tests.

Love Calculator Pro is a unique match maker that helps you to find your best friend, perfect match, or even eternal love. Key featuresgeneral compatiblity test based on several age, biorhytms, astrology, and numerology teststimeline, short-term compatibility testbaby chart, 3 ways of baby sex predictionbest love test, search for the best matchbuilt-in profiles databasebuilt-in guide to explain and clarify all love testssupport for XML export/import of profiles

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  1. Discover your compatibility level with other people

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